Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Nothing is More Valuable Than Your Peace of Mind

When your estate planning is in order, you feel at home. At Greater Midwest Financial Group, we systematically work with you to pursue your goal of preparing for the future.

Get estate planning guidance and support from our team of financial providers. We’ve worked through many law changes and challenges over the past few decades, and we’re dedicated to working closely with you, your attorney and/or our alliances with estate tax experts to provide you with the best estate planning solutions.

While we specialize in estate planning and wealth transfer services for high net worth clients, we also do detailed planning for estates of all sizes.

Get Answers to Traditional Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer Questions:

  • Which is a better option for me: a will or a revocable trust?
  • Should I set up a trust for my children?
  • How do I keep certain assets in my family?
  • Are powers of attorney, health care declarations and HIPPA releases necessary?
  • How do I effectively use beneficiaries, payable on death and transfer on death registrations?
  • Can I afford to support my children or charities during my lifetime?

Receive Advice About New Estate Planning Laws and Opportunities:

  • If estate tax credits are transferable between spouses, how do I make sure I maximize them and preserve their profitability?
  • Are there ways to lock in today’s generous tax credits in case rising deficits spur future reductions?
  • Since many states have restrictive taxing laws, can I gear my planning to minimize those taxes?

If you haven’t reviewed your estate plan recently, you may be missing opportunities due to outdated documents. Contact us today to schedule a review of your estate plan.

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