Top 5 Takeaways on What's Happening in Washington

Our 8th Premier Education/Practical Application event, held November 14, 2017, gave us an inside perspective on what’s happening on the hill. While all of this is still evolving, here’s what we know at this point. From speaker Susan Olson, VP of Government Relations at Natixis Global Asset Management – Tax reform is coming. From Susan’s […]

A Message from GMFG – October 18, 2017

Tax Reform

Greetings!  I hope you’re enjoying a colorful and pleasant Fall season.  “Up North” has been particularly beautiful this year.  I’m writing to update you on recent tax proposals that may greatly impact you and remind you of our upcoming event that is highlighted by our Washington “insider”. Well, it looks like tax reform has finally […]

Equifax Breach Follow Up

We hope everyone had a great summer. We are writing today to provide you some feedback on the Equifax breach. First, we believe that this unfortunate event is a serious one. Therefore, we have some thoughts on what actions you should consider in dealing with Equifax’s data theft as well as future data breaches that […]

A Message from GMFG – September 30, 2016

Worry, Worry, Worry, About What?

Since I last wrote, people have been expressing a lot of worry about markets and events.  In fact, last week the American Association of Individual Investors Sentiment Poll came in with some very pessimistic readings.  So what’s everyone so worried about? First, there was Brexit – the Brits voting to leave the European Union.  As […]

A Message From GMFG – July 8, 2016

We hope you had a great 4th of July.  We are contacting you as we thought we would share the attached article from Oppenheimer’s Chief Economist, Jerry Webman.  Even though it is dated two months before the “presumptive” candidates were decided, it underscores that a solid well thought out investment strategy should be everyone’s objective.  […]

A Message from GMFG – June 20, 2016

I am writing to give you a summer update – normally this time of year it is “sell in May and go away”, but that is probably not happening this year.  Because of a crazy presidential election, Brexit (British Exit), and Islamic terrorism we’re staying on our toes – predictions are for lots of volatility, […]

A Message from GMFG – February 12, 2016

I am writing to share our thoughts about the very volatile global equity markets and what actions we’ve taken recently to manage your assets during this unsettling and confusing time. I will also provide some insight into what else we are considering should volatility and declines persist. To begin, even though client’s returns were virtually […]

A Message from GMFG – November 18, 2015

We are writing to convey our sympathies for the French and Russian families that recently suffered losses in cowardly attacks.  We are hopeful that the leaders around the world will be even more resolved to defeat these extremists.  While terrorists can try to instill fear into society, humanity has proven time and again that good […]